Welcome to Dawning Journeys Counseling, LLC.

Welcome to Dawning Journeys Counseling, LLC.

Welcome to Dawning Journeys Counseling, LLC.Welcome to Dawning Journeys Counseling, LLC.Welcome to Dawning Journeys Counseling, LLC.

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Online video sessions are available. 

No new in-person clients are being accepted at this time.

Clients must be in Georgia at the time of the session


Why seek therapy?

We may sometimes feel that we are not able to embody our identify and beliefs. Feeling you should be something you are not is unbearable: what is core to you can  be honored, and what is not can be examined and then embraced, accepted or changed. What we choose to value, and how we pursue those values, dictate what we are to become. Some things cannot be changed, and yet  we can choose how we move around them. Being true to yourself can sometimes seem like a difficult choice, and we all must decide when and how to realize our potential, even in the face of adversity.                     

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy can help us more clearly see our touchstones, and intentionally make authentic choices them  while living fully in a challenging world.  I love helping people to see past their doubts, fears, and symptoms;  beyond their histories and the real difficulties that they face in life and society in order to connect to their deeper meaning and self.

How I can help

I offer affirming, ACT focused, trauma informed therapy, with narrative and existential elements. I help clients who struggle with identifying their values and manifesting actions consistent with them while accepting the unavoidable difficulties of life. This approach  works well for Identity issues, anxiety, depression, mood disorders or recurrent thoughts.



I am in network for:

Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)



United Healthcare

A copy of your insurance card will be needed for verification.

I will gladly provide a superbill for out-of-network benefits, or file them for you

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